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Have you ever thought about the air you and your passengers are breathing in your car?

You should. Especially considering the amount of time we spend inside vehicles. If we are going somewhere, chances are good that we are driving there. The average driver in North America spends 1.5 hrs/day in their vehicle.

Are consumers concerned about the air quality in their vehicle cabins?
According to a survey conducted by The Dohring Co., Ninety five percent of respondents are concerned about air pollutants within their vehicle.

And the fact air is one of the most important substances for humans, together with water. To survive, humans need clean air just as much as they need clean water

Studies are showing that the air inside your vehicle can be worse than that of your home or workplace.

Harmful allergens are living and thriving inside the ventilation system and passenger cabin of almost every vehicle on the road. You may be endangering your health without even knowing it.

Every time you turn on the fan, harmful spores and other microorganisms are blown into the passenger compartment and into the air you and your passengers are breathing.

Every day harmful airborne particles including vehicle exhaust, fine road dust, pollutants and greenhouse gases are drawn in through your car's fresh air vent.

This website was developed as an education effort to help you learn about the air quality inside your vehicle and treatments available.

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